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Families of colours and they like each other….

  The Green Family is my favourite colour.  I like them because they all stack together and don’t fall like the red ones.  A.M. counted the green caps and said, “15, that’s how old my cousin D is.”   The … Continue reading

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Recycled material provokes Mathematical thinking

We are curious about recycled bottle caps and how they might interest children.  What will the children want to do with the materials?  How will they translate their thinking? We add the materials to the cube in our classroom for … Continue reading

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Name Math

After several days of the children exploring their names in the Communication Center, we decided to add their names to the Math Center to see what they would do.  During inquiry time, I found a little girl sorting the names … Continue reading

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“Hocus Pocus Amada Pocus – a book with all the stuff we make here.” T.G.W.

We have been singing alot of songs with our names to work on letter sounds, letter recognition, phonemics and syllables.  The children love learning all about their names.  As a next step, we thought of an invitation that would provoke … Continue reading

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