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The Journey of a Child and a Rose

When children are invited to step into a relationship with an object, they begin to see, think and wonder.  Their senses are captivated and their minds and hearts are engaged. During this work of representational drawing, the children develop skills … Continue reading

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I wonder if the ocean is washing the flowers away……A.M.-5 years old

As educators working with documentation we use protocol, we talk about what we see, what we think and what we wonder.  While we have been working with the children on observational drawing, we’ve noticed that it seems that children naturally … Continue reading

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Building Community Beyond…

We are humbled by an invitation from Cambrian College’s Early Childhood Education Department.  Maxine King, the Co-Ordinator of Early Childhood Education offered us an invaluable experience to share culture with some Kindergarten Educators from China. It was such a pleasure … Continue reading

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Drawn to Nature……..

L.M. finds a dandelion outside during outdoor playtime and is interested in bringing it into the classroom to share with her friends. What a wonderful opportunity to explore with Observational drawing.  Children are invited into a small group where they … Continue reading

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Families of colours and they like each other….

  The Green Family is my favourite colour.  I like them because they all stack together and don’t fall like the red ones.  A.M. counted the green caps and said, “15, that’s how old my cousin D is.”   The … Continue reading

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Recycled material provokes Mathematical thinking

We are curious about recycled bottle caps and how they might interest children.  What will the children want to do with the materials?  How will they translate their thinking? We add the materials to the cube in our classroom for … Continue reading

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“My daddy says the red cupcakes are for the boys and the pink cupcakes are for the girls.”

“BUT RED IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR”, said a sad little girl who wanted a red cupcake! We decided to ask the children what they thought about the rules placed on the cupcakes…Here are their thoughts… S.H. (girl):  Maybe the girls … Continue reading

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