I wonder if the ocean is washing the flowers away……A.M.-5 years old

As educators working with documentation we use protocol, we talk about what we see, what we think and what we wonder.  While we have been working with the children on observational drawing, we’ve noticed that it seems that children naturally take themselves to this place where they have these discussions prior to working on their representations.  What would happen if we captured their thinking using this protocol?







C.C.- 4 years old.

I see…..

little bit of yellow


very, very, very dark purple

yellow around the white



I think….

that he purposely did that to make clouds, mix the blue and the white

that the white is the cloud

that the blue mixes with the white and makes the waves in the water

when there is waves in the water and the water goes very fast, the bubbles come up and they are white.


Y.Y.- 6 years old.


I wonder…..

if the ocean is washing the flowers away

if the blue is the rain

if the flowers are facing the sky

if these are ojibwe flowers


THE BEAUTY WONDER E.E.- 5 years old.




THE SKY FLOWERS M.G.- 5 years old.


IT’S SO PRETTY L.R.- 5 years old.






We are astonished at the children’s ability to interpret art.  To interpret is to make something meaningful for ourselves.  To share our interpretations allows for us to have discussions that either elicit further interpretations or confirm our thinking and feeling.  It is very clear that the children were engaged in this type of sharing that allowed for them to enlarge their understandings of this piece of art.

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One Response to I wonder if the ocean is washing the flowers away……A.M.-5 years old

  1. Ellen Brown, MEd, OCT, RECE, PhD student says:

    Beautiful work!

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