Building Community Beyond…

We are humbled by an invitation from Cambrian College’s Early Childhood Education Department.  Maxine King, the Co-Ordinator of Early Childhood Education offered us an invaluable experience to share culture with some Kindergarten Educators from China. It was such a pleasure to exchange questions and wonderings with friends from abroad.  Wow…what an amazing visit it was 🙂


From left to right:

Iris Yang – Translator and Manager, International Department, Cambrian College, Escort to Mrs. Wang, Mrs. Wang Qu – Principal, Nanping Experimental Kindergarten Preschool Education Group, Chongquing, China, Janice Clarke – Acting Dean, Justice and Community Services Dept. Cambrian College, Maxine King – Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Programs, Cambrian College, Colleen McDonald – Principal, Princess Anne Public School, RDSB, Ramona Shawana – DECE, Princess Anne Public School, RDSB Tara Thall – Teacher, Princess Anne Public School, RDSB, Iva McNair – Principal of Early Learning, RDSB

Our visitors spent a couple of hours observing the children in our classroom and asking questions about our philosophy.  After their visit, we had a wonderful opportunity to chat and share experiences.  We were excited to capture some of Mrs. Wang’s thoughts about her visit with us…

“I think this was wonderful and I have seen a lot of activities.  I see that the children are very happy and they are learning and they are playing. They are very focused on learning. I see that the children have been trained to use their hands and brain together. All those activities designed are very suitable for the children this age. They are learning and playing very happily.  Excellent.  We hope we can do more exchanges and you could visit us and we can learn from you here.”   – Mrs. Wang Qu

They gave us a wonderful book from their schools in China and some beautiful fans.










Miigwech Mrs. Wang Qu for these amazing gifts and Miigwech Cambrian College for this opportunity to build relationships and network with our friends from China.

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