Drawn to Nature……..

L.M. finds a dandelion outside during outdoor playtime and is interested in bringing it into the classroom to share with her friends.

What a wonderful opportunity to explore with Observational drawing.  Children are invited into a small group where they are asked to think about paying attention to the detail of the dandelion and to translate their perceptions into a picture of their own.

As an educator I am amazed at the ability of 4 and 5 year old children when they are asked to translate the lines and shapes of a 3 dimensional object onto a piece of paper.  Utilizing their perceptual skills as a means of communicating their ideas perhaps gives educators insight into how young children interpret their world.



If you look in really deep you will see that its different and that is where the bees go in to get the nectar. Then they make bee honey. M.G.



I remember seeing that in the Bee Movie.


it smells like honey. Y.Y.



Our initial encounter with the dandelion allows the children to share their knowledge and expand on each other’s ideas.










And so the children began to use the pencils and paper provided to begin their first experience in observational drawing.  The children are noticing the petals that are growing underneath.  They notice that some of the lines are swirly and that there is some green.  One of the children even notices that there is orange in the middle where the nectar is.

L.M. very quickly felt that a pencil was not the only tool that was needed because she noticed colours of green and yellow.  She hands out green and yellow crayons for her peers to use if they felt that they needed to.

As an educator I am closely watching the children as they concentrate on their dandelion. As they progress rather effortlessly through the process I think about what the children might do with pipe cleaners that are yellow and green.


L.M. 4 years old.



A.M. 5 years old.


M.G. 6 years old.



Y.Y. 5 years old.
















A.M. suggests showing their art pieces to the rest of the class in hopes to inspire them to consider doing something similar.  At the end of the day the artists set up a gallery walk for their peers to have a look at their work and the artists were on hand to answer any questions that anyone had.

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