Families of colours and they like each other….


I sorted them out like families.



The Green Family is my favourite colour.  I like them because they all stack together and don’t fall like the red ones.  A.M. counted the green caps and said, “15, that’s how old my cousin D is.”


The White Family is lined up.  I put them there because they kept falling.  “12, that’s my auntie’s age.”

The Red Family– “15 again, my other cousin is almost that age and I know someone who is past that age.  My Uncle B is 18, he’s almost my mom’s age 22, that’s his sister.”

The Blue Family– “11- T is that age, she just has to be one more age to get there, she’s 10.”

The Grey Family– “9- my cousin’s age A. Sometimes the one who is 15 and 9 fight.  The little one gets hurt sometimes and the big one doesn’t.”

As an educator I am thinking about how this material stimulated A.M.’s thinking.  A.M. comes to school everyday and will often choose to visit areas in the classroom that invite periods of relaxation mixed with social time. I am excited about how this material had the power to engage A.M., that he was able to demonstrate such amazing number sense through something he feels so passionate about and that is his FAMILY.  Miigwech to A.M. for reminding me about how important it is to allow everyone TIME to explore and encounter materials in our space.


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