“My daddy says the red cupcakes are for the boys and the pink cupcakes are for the girls.”

IMG_1025“BUT RED IS MY FAVOURITE COLOUR”, said a sad little girl who wanted a red cupcake!

We decided to ask the children what they thought about the rules placed on the cupcakes…Here are their thoughts…

S.H. (girl):  Maybe the girls and the boys can get red and pink.

L.R. (girl):  The girls that like red get red and the boys that like pink can get pink.

A.B. (girl):  The boys should get red ones because red is a boy colour and the girls should get pink because pink is a girl colour.

S.H. (girl):  That is not true, every colour is for a boy and a girl.

G.S. (girl):  I don’t agree with A.B., red is my favourite colour.  That’s why I have a red back pack.

A.B. (girl):  Maybe the girls can get red and the boys can get pink.

B.C. (boy):  I don’t like pink.

A.B. (girl):  It doesn’t matter what colour you get, it just goes into your tummy.

S.H. (girl):  It all tastes the same anyways.

With all of that said W.M. (girl) left us with this thought…

“I was thinking instead of making up all these rules, everyone should just pick their own cupcake…”

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