“It’s a gateway to a magical new world.” A.B. – 5 Years Old

A new outdoor learning space has been discovered by the children!!!!!  Take a look…It’s  AMAZING!


The children love reading books in the woods…



A great collaborative effort by children during recess time.

A collaborative effort during recess created a space to have a Weiner Roast and Smores….YUMMY!!

Look what happened when we added a new material to the “magical new world.”



The children decided that the cans should be hung from the trees.  They used different materials such as sticks and rocks to make sounds.  They explored with rubbing and tapping the cans.


A.B. thought it was a good idea to decorate the cans.


The children also explored with hitting the inside of the can.


The girls created a new game called “Tricky Tree.”


R spends her outdoor time singing into her microphone! Her favourite song “Call me Baby”.


What letters can you make with sticks?


I spy…a new center in the classroom…What letters do you see?


To the children,
Thank you for leading us to this beautiful new space and opening up new opportunities to continue building our classroom community. Thank you for being so brilliant and making our day so wonderful!
Mrs. Thall and Mrs. Shawana

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