“It’s like a mirror, kind of like magic.” B.C. – 5 Years Old


The children were inspired to think about shadows and reflections after noticing them in photos taken by a local photographer – Don Johnston.  Thank you to our lunch room supervisor for sharing her beautiful book with us!

During Outdoor Inquiry, the children shared their theories about shadows with us…

"Look, when I jump, my shadow jumps."

“Look, when I jump, my shadow jumps.”  A.H.

"My shadow is moving because I'm moving."

“My shadow is moving because I’m moving.” L.R.M

"I'm standing like a tree."

“I’m standing like a tree.” M.K.S. 

"Look, I can make a squid."

“Look, I can make a squid.” A.B.

"I made a stick shadow."

“I made a stick shadow.” G.D.

“When the lights are gone, shadows are gone.”  A.H. – 5 years old

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