“Hocus Pocus Amada Pocus – a book with all the stuff we make here.” T.G.W.

We have been singing alot of songs with our names to work on letter sounds, letter recognition, phonemics and syllables.  The children love learning all about their names.  As a next step, we thought of an invitation that would provoke them to think about numbers as well.  We placed their name cards in the Communication Center with numbers, clip boards, pencils, counter chips and a bingo dabber.  We were curious to see what they would do.  One little girl wrote a book of numbers…

“Look, I’m 5 and I draw 5.” T.G.W.

“Hocus Pocus Amada Pocus – a book with all the stuff we make here” is the title of  T.G.W.’s book that she was was inspired to write.  She noticed the number 5 and drew it on her clipboard.  This was the start of her amazing book which illustrates numbers one through ten.  She presented the book to her classmates at meeting time and had all her friends counting along with her 🙂  Yay!

Some of the older children were helping the younger children find their names!  Others were helping their friends problem solve!

P.T.:  I have 12 letters in my name.

Mrs. Shawana: Is there a number 12?

C.K.S.: You can make a number 12 with a 1 and number 2.

“I’m making a pattern on my number 5.” C.K.S.

“I made an app on the iPhone – it’s called – The Number App!”

“I made the number 7 and there are 7 dots.” M.R.

“I made 12 dots.” S.C.

R.S.D. and C.K.S. both chose to work with number 5.  They learned that they had so much in common with each other.  At meeting time, they shared with excitement that they both were 5 years old, they both had 5 letters in their names and they both had 2 syllables.

Perhaps they have inspired some of their classmates to find commonalities with each other as well…

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