“It’s time to go for a walk in the bush!” M.L.

During our meeting time today the children were presented with a gift from our lunch room supervisor Loreen.  She brought them pictures of trees that she had taken in front of her house and on Manitoulin Island.  The children had discussions about trees and their leaves.  What do we know about when leaves fall to the ground was a question that was posed to the children and this is what they said;

M.A.: My dad told me this, that when the leaves fall off the trees its the fall.

E.R.S: Because some of them are starting to get red.

C.K.S: : Look outside and look at the trees, the trees are kinda changing colour but the ones that are big aren’t changing colour, cause that means its summer.

M.L.: It’s time to go for a walk in the bush!

Look what I found! A.B.

Look Mrs. Shawana, it’s a birch bark tree. T.G.W.

The children were very busy exploring the woods, looking at leaves, sketching trees and gathering materials.  A small group of children were encouraged to use the ground as their palatte to create art with the natural materials they had discovered.  Take a closer look at how these materials were used to create this beautiful art piece.

Children busy investigating, exploring           and gathering.

Lets pretend that the rocks on the bottom are acorns. You just have to pretend. S.C.

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