“The Wrong Nut” vs. “The Right Nut”

“Maybe the girl who gave you the box mixed up the nuts.  She collected the wrong nuts and the right nuts.  The wrong nut is a peanut but its mixed up, its different, its not the same as the other ones.  The right nut is the bug one, the ones that have the grubs in them.” C.K.S.

Our acorn explorations continued with the opening of our “Nut Center” today.  The children began to develop their own theories,  they theorized about why some acorns have grubs in them and others don’t and why some of the acorns were floating in water and some were sinking.

“The Wrong Nut” and “The Right Nut”

I think the ones on the top are the ones with grubs in them. C.K.S.
If there is holes in them and water gets in them, they get heavy and sink to the bottom. M.A.

As the children are cracking open the acorns here is what the children are  saying;

M.A.: I’m trying to find baby crabs.

C.K.S.:  No, it’s just another nut.

P.T. : Its food for the grubs.

M.L.G: I found one with a hole in it.

M.A. :  Some wrong ones can have grubs and no grubs.

Maybe the baby grub escaped. L.H.K.


Let’s take the food out and see if we find the grubs. M.A.


C.K.S.:  Hey it smells like maple.

S.C.: Inside the acorn smells like maple.

A.J.B: I love maple cookies

M.A.: Chipmunks love the flavour of the acorn because they think they’re vitamins.

M.L.G: I think they’re maple syrup.

Our lunch room supervisor brought us a gift.  She picked acorns from a tree for us.  She told us that when she picked them they were green but then she left them in a plastic bag for us and they turned brown.  We are very curious and anxious to investigate these new acorns.

I know I will draw a tree with acorns on it. E.R.S.

E.R.S. provides this illustration  to show us acorns that are on branches and acorns that have fallen onto the ground.  Ms. Thall then asks the children to use the illustration along with the acorns at the nut centre to see how they are different.  The acorns that were picked by our lunch room supervisor were a different colour.  Here is what the children said;

S.C. : Because they came from a different tree.

C.K.S.: Maybe the colours of the leaves got onto the acorns in the tree.  I think they were good but then they lost their colour.  That’s what happens to some plants when they die.  I notice that with some plants.

M.A.: Some of the acorns change colour and this is very interesting.

At our meeting time we  reflected on our investigations.  Ms. Shawana asked the children to think about the kind of tree these acorns may have come from.  

R.S.D.: A normal tree, normal trees have leaves and acorns, I picked some off.

T.G.W.: Trees have medicine like the cedar tree on top of the wigwam.

C.K.S.: It’s a seed! It’s a see-dar tree!

L.H.K.: It’s an acorn tree, a tree full of acorns no leaves.

E.R.S.: They may come from a pine cone tree, they have pine cones and acorns.

Our theories about the different kinds of trees that an acorn could come from will take us outdoors tomorrow for further investigation.  Stay tuned for our findings, we look forward to sharing them with you.

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