The Gift of an Acorn!

Our morning meeting began with a story from Mrs. Shawana.  She told the class that something exciting happened last night.  A little girl from her neighbourhood knocked on her door with a special gift for our class!  One little boy in the circle responded with “NO WAY!!!!”

Mrs. Shawana showed the class the box.  She shook it so it made some noise and proceeded to ask the children “What do you think is in the box?”

The children guessed…legos, cheese, house, gold, musical instruments!

The children then had the opportunity to close their eyes and feel what was in the box.  Each child had a chance to feel and make a guess!

Their guesses were quite interesting and detailed…sea shells, acorns, rocks, cupcakes, shells and sand, feels like little mouses, baby chics, oval rocks and pinchy at the top, fuzzy and dirty, balls, birch bark, feels round, cold, eggs with tops, oval shape like a grape, cheese balls, popcorn and pointy.

One little girl had guessed acorns but after she had some time to think about it she changed her mind and said they could be marbles.  Her friend replied to her comment with the fact that they can’t be marbles because marbles are round and what’s in the box is oval so it couldn’t possibly be marbles.

It’s amazing how such a simple activity provokes descriptive language and excitement from children!

The Big Reveal

After the children discovered what was actually in the box we had a discussion with them…

Educator:  Where do you think we should put the acorns in our classroom?

C.K.S.: I think we should have a “nut center” with magnifying glasses so we can explore what’s on them and in them.

S.C.:  Maybe we could build with them.

C.K.S.: Maybe we can make our names with them.

We decided as a class that the math center would be a good place for them since there is lots of room to play on the carpet.  We brought the magnifying glasses over and the exploration of acorns began.

P.T.: (Opening the acorn..) Ewwww…that’s what squirrels eat?

C.K.S.: I found a stem.

A.B.: This one has eyes.

The little girl who found the acorn with the eyes inspired her friends to make “Corn Man”.

Some children were interested in writing their names…while others just wanted to take a closer look!

Empathy was evident when one little girl discovered a dead bug in one half of the acorn and a live bug in the other.  She thought that it was very sad that the bugs are not together anymore.

One little boy left us with our next steps…He told us that he would only return to this center if we brought some nut crackers so he could explore inside!  So, I guess I am off to buy some nut crackers!

Stay tuned for the “Castle Project” that was provoked by the acorn investigation!  SO exciting!

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