A Cultural Donation :)

One little boy came to school very excited because he had a gift!  He told us that his Uncle gave him a drum!  His mom remembered that last year his class was learning about the Aboriginal culture so she suggested donating the drum where her son and his classmates could play with it.  So first thing in the morning, he went to visit the Ojibwe teacher with his new drum. She returned to our class with another special gift…a drum stick!  And so it began…The children instantly started to make connections to their drumming experiences from their first year in ELK.  They asked if we could sit in a circle and sing Mgizi (The Eagle).  Of course we did.  One little girl led us in the singing while the little boy drummed along.  What a beautiful and special gift for our classroom.  Just before putting the drum away, he shared that the drum is very old and he would be very sad if anyone breaks it.  This will lead very nicely into a conversation about how we treat and care for the drum.

Mrs. Shawana teaching the children about Mgizi.

Mgizi (Eagle)

Singing and drumming to the song Mgizi

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