Personal Connections inspired by Block Play!

The following is a glimpse of beautiful connections being made to family as the children use their imaginations and the materials in the classroom to re-inact some memories shared with loved ones.  The educator listened, observed and documented this very special conversation between children who were sharing personal stories together at the Construction Center.  What a wonderful experience for both the children and the educator as we continue to build community and relationships with one another.

S.C. uses the blocks to build  a seat and picks up a larger block and starts to row.

R.S.J.D:  It’s like a kayak, it has 2 points in the front and the back.  My Nana, Papa and Uncle have kayaks. They have two seats, one in the front and one in the back.

J.S.P:  Row, row, row your boat…I heard that song on a radio at my MaMere’s house.  (She proceeds to find a block to be the motor.) I found a motor for the boat.

R.S.J.D:  Kayaks don’t have motors but only paddles.

J.S.P: Boats have to have motors to make them go because my Daddy’s PaPere had a boat with a motor.

R.S.J.D: The paddles make it go.

J.S.P: But they don’t go fast, paddles are slow.

R.S.J.D: My Nana wants to be slow because her arms are so tired.

This group did not continue to explore boats together.  R.S.J.D however, moved over to the base in the construction area and built a kayak like his MaMere’s.  He made sure that the kayak had the 2 points that he had mentioned previously and he also had a paddle


The Benefits of Block Play…


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