Exploring identity with beautiful materials in the Atelier continued…

Today, a group of children were excited to be spending time in the art studio.  We took a closer look at the photos in the book “My dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks”.  We talked about how the artist creating her family in the story used a variety of materials to tell more information about them.  So, essentially, we learned that the materials we choose to work with help us to tell our story in a more creative and interesting way.  It was amazing to watch the children in action.  First, they began examining their faces in mirrors that were placed on the table.  They were making funny faces and talking about their eyes, how their eyebrows moved and what happens when they smile.  The children thoughtfully chose materials and were very respectful of each others working space.  They were sharing and helping each other reach across the table to get something far away.  Here are a couple of their stories…

“This is my daddy.  The pieces of pine cone are bubbles.  When I have a bath, I put bubbles on his face.  These cubes are the bones in daddy’s cheeks.  Bones make him strong.  This (pointing to a blue diamond jewell), is daddy’s chin.  I chose this because he always gets picked when he shaves.” – E.B. 

“I chose these materials because I wanted to make something beautiful.  I chose yarn for my hair because it’s brown and this piece (pointing) keeps my nose round and in it’s place (squishing her nose and pointing to the creases in her face).  My chin is a bone – it’s squishy and it bounces!” – M.G.

It is evident that the children are really in tune with themselves and the people they love. They are learning who they are, where they come from and how we are different.  So what is identity?  The children will tell us.  We just need to watch and listen…

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