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A Castle Project Inspired by Acorns…

The children were interested in building a castle with the acorns that were donated to our classroom.  Mrs. Shawana noticed that they were struggling to keep the acorns in a pile. Mrs. Shawana:  What materials do we have in the … Continue reading

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The Gift of an Acorn!

Our morning meeting began with a story from Mrs. Shawana.  She told the class that something exciting happened last night.  A little girl from her neighbourhood knocked on her door with a special gift for our class!  One little boy … Continue reading

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A Cultural Donation :)

One little boy came to school very excited because he had a gift!  He told us that his Uncle gave him a drum!  His mom remembered that last year his class was learning about the Aboriginal culture so she suggested … Continue reading

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Personal Connections inspired by Block Play!

The following is a glimpse of beautiful connections being made to family as the children use their imaginations and the materials in the classroom to re-inact some memories shared with loved ones.  The educator listened, observed and documented this very … Continue reading

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Communication inspired by Goop…

“Gooey like sticky glue.” “It’s wobbly stuff.” “Feels wobbly like pancakes.” “It feels like delightful for good.” “It’s sticky…I’m making a snake.” “I’m going to come to this center everyday.” “It feels good to get my hands in here…Oh that … Continue reading

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Watch what happens when you allow children time and space to persevere with their own ideas…I wonder how many curriculum expectations this project covered??!!

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Exploring identity with beautiful materials in the Atelier continued…

Today, a group of children were excited to be spending time in the art studio.  We took a closer look at the photos in the book “My dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks”.  We talked about how the artist … Continue reading

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